it's ok to be a little crazy

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 The ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do.” – Steve Jobs
When I was a freshman in high school, never in my right mind would I have thought that all of these spectacular things would be happening.  Never in my right mind would I have thought that God would use me in such an unheard way.  Never in my right mind would I have thought that I could help change the world.
But I wasn’t crazy then.  I was a teenager who woke up, attended school for the required 7 hours, did a few extracurricular activities, ate some Bojangles, read a few scripture verses if I felt like it, and went to bed.  Same routine everyday.  That is until a few friends of mine introduced me to an initiative that they had started, hoping to fight malnutrition in some country that I saw once or twice in the news.  It seemed cool, different… and a little crazy.  So crazy that at first it was unappealing.  Too much work.  I figured I would stick to the standard activities that America promoted, staying in my comfort zone.  And yet, there was a mystery behind the whole idea that excited me.  I wondered if it was possible.  $25,000? In less than a year? Preposterous!
However, we do not know the realm of possibility and all of its wonders until we step into uncharted waters and sail beyond the horizon.
When Christopher Columbus decided to travel in a new direction – toward the west – people thought he was crazy.  Even Columbus himself thought that at best he would find a new and quicker way to reach Asia.  After months of sailing, following only the stars, Columbus stumbled upon an entire new world!  Because he decided to think a little crazy, and attempt to do the impossible, the reward was exceedingly greater, much more than he could ever imagine.
Now looking back, I see an international teen-led nonprofit in its fourth year that has raised almost $100,000, permanently changing the lives of over 3,000 Haitians, and breaking the chains that our world has placed on this generation.  People believed we were crazy.  Some still do.  Today, I view that high school freshman as the one who was crazy for not believing that these things were possible.
As I look to the future,  I know that there is one thing that I must continue to do: Be a little crazy.  Just because we have reached beyond the horizon of our previous position does not mean that we can sit back and relax.  For if we look out again, alas, another horizon has been set, waiting to be reached.  And when we reach that one, another will be ready for us.  Life is a continuous journey, with multiple horizons.
S.A.V.E. is ready to keep getting crazy.  We are ready to break more barriers that society believes in order to change this world and advance the Kingdom of God.
So I challenge you.  How are you going to be crazy?  What impossibles are you going to break; what mountains are you going to climb; what feats are you going to accomplish?  We at S.A.V.E. had to be a little crazy in order to change the world, and we hope that you join along for the ride.
It’s ok to be a little crazy.
-Jack R. Hicks

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