A New Year & A Fresh Start

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This year is going to be one to remember in the life of SAVE. 2015 is another year for Haiti to taste more clean water and see broken roofs fixed. It’s another year to reach out our hands to a country that is hurting. Coming into 2015, SAVE has a brand new, effective structure established, six new, passionate board members ready to change the world, and a rejuvenated heart in all of us to make SAVE the best it can be. Our most famous events: famine, business sponsorship, and SAVE 5k will be happening over the next six months. These events are our greatest successes. Starting this year off prepared and focused in completing these events is top priority. Along with fresh starts for SAVE as a whole, our senior board members will be embarking on a fresh start all their own. Graduating and then quickly after: college. It is sad that they will be leaving SAVE in the fall but exciting because they will be able to make a huge impact on this world in a new way, using everything SAVE has taught them so far. With all of these exciting, fresh starts, there is still a downside. Starting with a clean slate can seem daunting, exhausting, and difficult. Running a nonprofit is hard work. Also, college is unknown and intimidating. Therefore, we ask for prayer to keep working hard when things in SAVE and college seem worrisome. Despite, the challenges that will come our way, we believe that Christ and the people of Haiti will be our motivation. The SAVE family is ecstatic to tackle this new year that will be full of amazing opportunities. Thank you for your support with SAVE so far and we hope that you keep reading and supporting us! Christ is going to do big things through SAVE this year.

-Raegan Jackson


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