Commitment, What??

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By Brooke Connelly
Commitment can be defined in several different ways and it looks very different in people. Often times it can bring out the very best in people or shine a light on some not so great qualities. It is a tough thing to learn and takes a lot of practice. -The hardest part about commitment? It does not like teenagers.
Commitment, what?? In a society where instant gratification is everyone’s desire and patience runs a little low, commitment is not easily learned or welcomed. Teenagers shouldn’t have to commit to anything serious in high school, right? They are just teenagers, right? WRONG.
Wanna know how I figured this out? God brought the TEEN-led organization, Sustaining a Village Everyday into my life. This group of students began to teach me that my life wasn’t truly my own and that I was meant for so much more. They began to teach me that the comment, “you are just a teenager” is not actually a compliment and that God calls me to do so much more. God has called me to invest in something bigger than myself in order to make His Kingdom known. How special is that?
The idea of serving others and working for the Kingdom of God is a pretty awesome notion for a teenager. It gets ya real excited inside and makes you dream of what life is going to be like for these people. I quickly discovered that all of these things are powerful, but man to really make a difference dreaming wasn’t enough. And then that special little world began to pop up again and again- commitment.
So what has the power of commitment looked like in my life over the past four years? It has been real discouraging and super frustrating. My parent’s will be happy to know that I have officially realized that money does not grow on trees…(sorry dad!) Some people just aren’t very nice, there doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day, and well, things don’t work out as planned a lot of the time. As I began to take a bigger part in this organization, I began to realize that God is shaping my heart for something so great. He needs my commitment and my time to do His work. Once I realized that, I was ready to commit to hours preparing for a business presentation or brainstorming for a new event to raise money. The thing about commitment and hard work is that once your heart is in tuned to what God has in store for you, He will strengthen you through the toughest parts of this whole “commitment thing.”
I am praising the Lord for pulling me out of my comfy bed and away from Netflix because even through the roughest parts, He has shown me that through commitment to His Kingdom, my life can be so much more than my own. Thank you Jesus!


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